Why It's Important to Have a Data Recovery and Disaster Plan

Despite its importance, many business owners are unsold on the benefits of a data recovery plan. Whether they’re due to malware, user error or natural causes, data losses happen, and they can be devastating. Below are a few reasons to consider implementing a plan for data recovery and IT Support in Hartford.

Inventory and Asset Management

The main component of a good recovery plan is comprehensive documentation, which involves an understanding of the company’s inventory. This can help companies find out what they have and what they can afford to lose. Effective IT admins know what they have and where to find it; that way, when there’s a problem, they can find the spare equipment. Asset management helps to prevent workplace theft, which can happen anywhere at any time.

Network Management

It’s impossible to effectively manage a network if parts of it are unknown. As part of a recovery plan, documentation can help a company owner understand how a network works and how to resolve issues quickly. Whether it’s a broken router or a server failure, managed services providers can handle it.


Part of a disaster recovery plan means ensuring that any task can be handled by at least two people. Redundancy helps to keep customers covered during emergencies, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster to be useful. When someone calls in sick or quits abruptly, it can cause issues if they’re the only one equipped to do a certain job. Redundancy measures can keep a company’s crucial infrastructure running when the unexpected happens.


As mentioned previously, documentation can bring better management. However, it can also help company owners find areas where cuts can be made, especially if it’s time for hardware upgrades. A bird’s-eye view can help clients see where savings are hiding, and where they can save even more by using virtual or cloud-based services.

There are many reasons to have a recovery plan, but the biggest is the level of preparedness a company can attain. Ultimately, such a plan is designed to keep a business going and save on downtime-related expenses—which is something any business owner can agree with. Call today or visit the website to learn more about the company’s Managed Network Security services.

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